I've landed at Gibraltar in the past, but I've always wanted to visit in the Bonanza. Because Gibraltar is outside of the EU you have to leave via an immigration airport, which Muchamiel isn't. The plan, then, was to route via Jerez and exit the EU there.

It was 1 hr 50 min to Jerez - a tailwind en route for a change - and a very strong crosswind was keeping the training aircraft on the ground as we landed. Air Taxis Handling (XRY Ops) were extremely efficient and charged €90 for their service - well worth it in this case because Gibraltar had brought out arrival time forward by over two hours so we needed a quick turnaround in Jerez. The landing fee was €20.

The 40 min flight to Gibraltar routed south, almost to Tangiers, before turning east through the Straits of Gibraltar. We flew one circuit around the Rock before landing on runway 09. The easterly Levanter wind was creating a unique cloud over the Rock, and also creating moderate turbulence on base leg. Once settled on finals the wind became consistent again.

GibAir Handling charged £138.38 for our two day visit: handling £71.50, landing £35.40, Apron (?!?) £19.80 and parking £11.68.

Our track to Jerez:

Our track to Gibraltar:

First view of the Rock.

A fly by at 500 ft.

On the Apron.

Rock ape.

St Michael's Cave.

Pano looking north.

The port.

About to depart.