When we left Astypalea there was a lot of bad weather over Italy and the Adriatic. Plan A was to fly to Athens and onto Portoroz LJPZ in Slovenia and on to Annemasse, but we would probably have got stuck in Portoroz or had to divert back to somewhere on the Croatian coast. So Plan B evolved which was Athens LGAV - Malta LMML - Annemasse LFLI.

Plan B was going well until we got to Athens. The refuel bowser arrived one hour after we landed - with Jet A fuel. It took another 15 minutes to get the Avgas bowser. Then the handling agents presented an incorrect invoice and in the end we ran out of time to get to Annemasse that day. We spent 2 hr 45 minutes on the ground at Athens before taking off for Malta.

Some military activity gave us some extra track miles but as soon as we entered Maltese airspace we were given a 340 nm direct routing to 12 nm finals!