My trusty GPSMAP 96C is now surplus to requirements.

This is the colour version of the GPSMAP 96. It runs on a pair of AA batteries. It can be used (with suitable databases installed) on the road, on the sea and in the air. I’ve had it for ten years or so and used it mainly for sailing. There are out-of-date aviation and marine databases installed, but no CityMaps which are required for on the road.

It’s had its fair share of wear and tear - mainly the rubber on the back has suffered over the years. It’s perfectly serviceable and the screen itself is very good. Included in the sale are two mounts (one designed to be fastened to a surface, the other attached to bicycle handlebar), a wrist strap, soft cover, USB cable and the original manual.

Overall it’s the perfect GPS to have in your flight bag as a back-up.

I’m asking £50/€65 plus postage (or I can deliver it to Carcassonne!).