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Straubing EDMS and Home

An early start from Annemasse to get my autopilot repaired by Avionik Straubing. This is passing the Alps in Switzerland

At Straubing

This Blackhawk’s rotor hit the refuelling lampstand while I was there

The last leg - Straubing to Fairoaks with a serviceable autopilot!

Malta LMML

When we left Astypalea there was a lot of bad weather over Italy and the Adriatic. Plan A was to fly to Athens and onto Portoroz LJPZ in Slovenia and on to Annemasse, but we would probably have got stuck in Portoroz or had to divert back to somewhere on the Croatian coast. So Plan B evolved which was Athens LGAV - Malta LMML - Annemasse LFLI.

Plan B was going well until we got to Athens. The refuel bowser arrived one hour after we landed - with Jet A fuel. It took another 15 minutes to get the Avgas bowser. Then the handling agents presented an incorrect invoice and in the end we ran out of time to get to Annemasse that day. We spent 2 hr 45 minutes on the ground at Athens before taking off for Malta.

Some military activity gave us some extra track miles but as soon as we entered Maltese airspace we were given a 340 nm direct routing to 12 nm finals!

Belgrade LYBE to Athens LGAV and Astypalea LGPL

After a day and a half in Belgrade we launched to Astypalea this morning. Handling was very efficient and cost €140 for landing, parking (two days), passenger fee, departure tax etc.

The flight to Athens was 1:40 including the TPL 1W SID off the northerly runway.

On arrival at Athens we got radar vectors for ILS03L.

Again, handling was very efficient at the GA/VIP Terminal at Athens. We were in and out in 40 min and still had time for a drink and a sandwich. (Didn't have to refuel, though.)

We flew at 9,000 ft for the 1 hour flight to Astypalea. There's no fuel at Astypalea so we needed to make sure we landed with enough to get back to Athens.

Brakes Off - OK to tow

Aircraft get moved around by ground crew and engineers from time to time. So that’s there’s no misunderstanding about whether the brakes are on or off I’ve made up a simple placard (folded in half and laminated) which I attach to the nosewheel when I secure the aircraft. Attached is the original Omnigraffle design file and a jpg export.

Sun Screens

The Bonanza is a wonderful touring aircraft and one of the things that you need to carry is an aircraft cover of some kind. I’ve had a Cambrai cover since 1998 and it’s holding up well. The only snag is it weighs 12 lb, so I’ve just got hold of some internal sunscreens for our upcoming trip to Austria, Serbia, Greece, Slovenia and France.

They came from Sun-Foil Aircraft Sunscreens in Phoenix Az. Their website said two weeks' lead time but I ordered them on a Wednesday and they arrived on the following Monday! Great service! They’re easy to install and weigh next to nothing.

Here are a couple of snaps of them installed:

AOPA Fly-In Twente EHTW

AOPA Netherlands organised a fly-in to the ex-air force base at Twente EHTW on 8 July 2017. I took the chance to fly there on the way to Annemasse. Quite a few aircraft flew in - probably 100 or more.

Later on there were lots of thunderstorms across Germany and Switzerland which were easy enough to avoid using the ADL120 and the Mark 1 Eyeball.

In The Mach Loop

Flying South to Fairoaks we took advantage of great weather to fly through the Mach Loop (Machynlleth Loop) after checking with RAF Valley that we weren’t going to conflict with any military fast jets.

Our route around the Loop:

Photo by Richard Wilkinson @Wilki31

Photo by Richard Wilkinson @Wilki31

Photo by Martyn Foss @martynfoss

Photo by Martyn Foss @martynfoss

Photo by Martyn Foss @martynfoss

Photo by Martyn Foss @martynfoss

Photo by Andy Cowley @SayWhatISeeUK

Aero Expo 2017 Friedrichshafen EDNY

A second visit to Friedrichshafen for the Aero Expo. One day at the show and one day sightseeing.

At Dole Tavaux LFGJ en route to Annemasse:

A shiny Cessna 140 at the show:

Magni M24 Gyrocopter:

A very strange colour scheme:






Leaving Friedrichshafen EDNY en route to Annemasse LFLI:

Overhead Geneva en route to the UK:

Weight & Balance Spreadsheet Updated

I've edited my Apple Numbers Weight & Balance spreadsheet to allow overweight flights with ferry tanks and some flight planning tools. It's designed for a 1980 A36 with Osborne 20 gallon tips but can easily be amended for other configurations.
The grey cells are for defaults - set once and forget. The yellow cells are for values that change from flight to flight. The blue cells are calculated.
Please check it out and let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Tours and Amboise

A lovely weekend in Amboise to see the Son et Lumiere at the Château. IFR to Tours Val de Loire (LFOT) was 1:40 and landing and parking for two nights came to €43.

Le Clos d'Amboise

Le Château du Clos Lucé

Son et Lumière at the Château d'Amboise

Son et Lumière at the Château d’Ambroise: Leonardo da Vinci

Tim’s SR-22T

The camera ship

A Visit to Barkston Heath

We flew into Barkston Heath EGYE last weekend to visit family. I last flew there in 1977 when I was sent solo in a Jet Provost Mk5 by Art Stacey! There’s a very friendly flying club there - recommended!

(Need a slower shutter speed next time, Richard!)

Oxygen Installation

I had the Mountain High 115 cu ft bottle installed with my TN upgrade recently. I've mounted the MH O2D2 regulator in the ceiling and run the tubes to the sidewall so they are always available. I'm going to have the passenger's O2D2 mounted the same way.