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A36 Panel over the Years: 2015 (2)

With the Garmin GPS 695 panel-mounted on the right, the panel upgrade is finally finished! This is a panoramic photo in flight on the way from Annemasse to Fairoaks. I’ll get a better panel shot ASAP.

A36 Panel over the Years: 2015 (1)

New panel just about complete. The only outstanding item is the AirGizmo panel-mount for the GPS 695 which we discovered too late obstructs the door handle.

Changes: Aspen Evolution 1000 Pro replaces AI and HSI, Aspen Synthetic Vision and Hazard Awareness enabled, APS4A Altitude Pre-Select installed, new annunciators, tip tank switches and annunciators moved to centre panel, 121.5 ELT replaced with Artex 406 MHz ELT, ADF indicator removed (displays on Aspen), all instruments back-lit with ring-lights, transponder ident switch installed on yoke, traffic acknowledge switch installed on yoke, co-pilot PTT moved to right yoke, undercarriage light repeaters installed (above standby altimeter), JPI EDM-701 upgraded with USB data port, six USB sockets installed, Hoskins fuel flow removed (FF displayed on JPI and repeated on GTN 750), ADF dropped to bottom of stack, radio/cassette player removed, spare comm antenna wired up to BNC in panel for emergency use.

Aspen Upgrade (2)

Doesn’t look like much progress but just about all the wiring is done. When the new panels are painted it all goes back together.

And a new tail beacon while we’re at it: